Freshers’ Guide 2009

Welcome to, and the only student-produced guide to the University of York.

If you’re gearing up to start your studies at York, hoping to come here in October or just interested in the University, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Nouse, the University’s longest-running and largest student newspaper, we’ve put together a straight-up guide to life on campus and in the city for freshers, giving you the most honest and informed information about studying at York. We don’t work for the University, or the Union, so everything here is agenda-free and geared for you.

Whether you want to know what college is right for you, what to expect from different departments, or just where to find the best kebab, it’s all here, written by students, for students.

Take a break from packing and panicking – everything you need to know is here.

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