YUSU Elections 2010

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Photo: Sam NewsomeNgwena takes Presidency for second year running

Tim Ngwena has won his re-election as YUSU President

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Elections Night – Tim Ngwena re-elected president

The Nouse live blog for YUSU election results night

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Exit polls reveal Hutchings to win Presidency

Exit polls have been released predicting that Oliver Hutchings will win Presidency over Tim Ngwena by 6%. Roberto Powell also followed close behind Ngwena and Hutchings.

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James Alexander, Ex-President, on YUSU

Alexander Prowse talks to former YUSU President and York Outer Labour Candidate, James Alexander about his time at YUSU

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Students’ reactions to the election

Richard McLoughlin interviews some students about how the elections have affected them, plus Lewis Bretts and Big Bird give their opinion

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Male Women’s Officers interview

Steven Perring talks to Peter Saul and Mark Pickard about their controversial campaign to run for YUSU’s Women’s Officers

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Societies to be fined if they break election rules

YUSU Student Activities Officer, Rhianna Kinchin, sent an email out to candidates this afternoon detailing a new election rule that will fine any society which endorses a candidate via a society mailing list

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Rob Newton banned from campaigning tomorrow

There has been controversy this week after it was revealed that Rob Newton, candidate for York Sport, broke the strict YUSU campaigning rules just hours after voting opened

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Levene, Powell and Rose suspended from campaigning

An email sent by vegetarian society to all its members has led to Presidential Candidates David Levene and Roberto Powell, and Academic Officer Candidate Jason Rose being banned from campaigning from 1pm to 3pm tomorrow

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Hutchings and Ngwena joint favourites

A recent poll exclusive to Nouse has revealed that, despite voting opening at midnight today, the majority of students still remain undecided about their favoured Presidential candidate

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Andrew McIlwraith never intended to run

Andrew McIlwraith has revealed to Nouse that he never intended to run for the position of Welfare Officer in this year’s YUSU elections

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Presidential Debate Live

The Nouse & YSTV presidential debate live blog

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Asfahani breaches campaigning rules

Sam Asfahani, a candidate running for the YUSU position of York Sport President, has been banned from campaigning between 1pm and 4pm tomorrow as he has breached election guidelines.

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YSTV & Nouse: Elections campaigning opens

YSTV & Nouse report: Election campaigning opens

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YUSU bans Women’s Officer candidates from campaigning

Mark Pickard and Peter Saul, candidates for YUSU Women’s Officer, have been banned from campaigning until 12th March

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Hustings Live – Wednesday

The Nouse live blog for final day of Hustings 2010

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Welfare Officer candidate condemned for undermining position

Andrew McIlwraith, a Welfare Officer candidate in this year’s YUSU elections, has been condemned by students and opponents for his undermining of the Welfare position

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Hustings Live – Tuesday

The Nouse live blog for first day of Hustings 2010

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Campaigning for YUSU elections begins

Campaigning had begun for this year’s YUSU elections, after all candidates met yesterday at a briefing on the rules

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Presidential Debate planned

This Thursday, March 4 2010, presidential candidates will debate. Questions can be asked from the audience or sent in advance

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Information drop-in:
17:00, Friday 5th Febraury (The Courtyard)

Nominations open:
12:00, Monday 15th Febraury (yusu.org)

Potential candidates information meeting (cancelled):
18:00, Thursday 18th Febraury (L/N/028)

Nominations close:
12:00, Friday 26th Febraury

Candidate briefing:
18:00, Monday 1st March (D/056)

Candidate question time:

  • YUSU President
  • Welfare Officer
  • Academic Officer
  • Campaigns Committee Chair (part time)
  • Racial Equality Committee Chair (part time)
  • LGBT Committee Chair (part time)
  • Women’s Committee Chair (part time)

18:30, Tuesday 2nd March (P/X/001, nouse.co.uk)

Candidate question time:

  • York Sport President
  • Democracy & Services Officer
  • Student Activities Officer
  • Ents Committee Chair (part time)
  • Environment & Ethics Committee Chair (part time)
  • RAG Committee Chair (part time)
  • 21Plus Committee Chair (part time)

18:30, Wednesday 3rd March (P/L/002, nouse.co.uk)

Presidential debate:
20:30, Thursday 4th March (V/045, nouse.co.uk)

Voting opens:
00:00, Monday 8th March (yusu.org)

Voting closes:
23:59, Friday 12th March

Exit polls released:
18:00, Saturday 13th March (nouse.co.uk)

Results announced:
20:00, Saturday 13th March (The Courtyard, nouse.co.uk)

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