Freshers’ Guide 2011

Welcome York students, old and new, to the Nouse 2011 freshers mini-site!

For those of you who are just joining us, you have some great years ahead of you. As biased as I may be, York is a wonderful place to continue on, and occasionally wander astray from, that joyous path of education. Whether you are a frisbee fanatic, enjoy re-enacting medieval battles or simply enjoy knitting, you will find your place amongst people from all walks of life here. To help you on your way, we have put together as many articles, recommendations and lists as we could to help you get to know the university and the city, and to demonstrate there is more to York than tea and vikings.

Use our college guide to help you pick accommodation, and discover the highlights of our arts and music scene for those more cosmopolitan among you. Pick up some quick and easy recipes to impress your new flatmates in the close quarters of university kitchens. We’ve got it all.

And whether you are a fresher or a golden oldie, we are always looking for new talent to get involved in Nouse. Writers, photographers, and even those interested in advertising, all are welcome, and no previous experience is necessary. Look out for our newspaper on campus, find us at Freshers’ Fair or email me at I promise we are a friendly bunch.

Peruse and enjoy. And to all you newcomers, good luck – it really is as good as we say.

Hannah Ellis-Petersen

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