Freshers’ Guide 2013

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In Tweets: Live and Loud 2013

Live and Loud was just that, and drew a massive reaction online. Here’s the best of tweets from the Hes Eastern front

Society in Focus: Fusion

With auditions coming up soon now’s the time to get involved with Fusion!

MTV Student of the year 2013 Christian Cargill

Christian Cargill has done it all. Student drama, student media, serial RAG-er, social butterfly. Here he imparts wisdom from three years of student success to Laura Hughes

The Unofficial Nouse College Guide

Vanbrugh Vanbrugh has a spectrum of accommodation options, ranging from Vanbrugh Palace in its tranquil surroundings, to Le Page Court at the very heart of York’s main campus. The college has two excellent qualities: a lively music scene, with the Woodstock Music Festival and garage-band rehearsal spaces, and Kit Kats. Sir John Vanbrugh, whom the […]

Fiona Parker’s Campus Quirks

There is, subject to several University and national laws, nothing you can’t do here. With this in mind, I decided to grab life by the balls as well as the binoculars and go in search of the hidden treasures within our very own concrete jungle

‘A little of what you fancy is fine’

Alumni and former Derwenter, Horatio Clare took uni as a chance to seek excitement, hedonism and risk. Talking to Mary O’Connor, he reveals the highs and lows of the duck-lined road to three years of university success

When in York

Cultural aficionado Amy Blumsom takes us through York’s best hotspots… By day and night

Tom Witherow: Battling the Freshers Haters

Aged beings (yours truly included) can get a bit twitchy as this time of year…

In The Spotlight: Live & Loud

York’s flagship Freshers event looks set to be bigger than ever before. We speculate on the move to Hes East and what you can expect from the bands on offer

MAD about the Menu

Benjamin Reedman digs in to the detail of why you shouldn’t invest in the MAD catering scheme

Joint honours degrees: double the trouble or twice as enriching?

Doing a joint honours degree has been a very rewarding and enriching experience for me both academically and socially

There is no excuse for Freshers’ accommodation shortfall

The University has been greedy, accepting more students than it can accommodate, and Freshers may miss out on a key part of the first year experience

Freshers denied campus accommodation for first time in three years

Accommodation Services say there are “simply not enough rooms on campus to go round” in first room shortage since 2010

Katy B and Pigeon Detectives to headline Live & Loud

Live & Loud 2013 will feature Katy B, The Pigeon Detectives, and Shy FX & Stamina MC

Society in Focus: Italian Society

Gemma de Chirico tells us why we should all get involved in York’s Italian Society. With events such a film nights, football tournaments, cookery classes and language lessons, who could resist?

Seann Walsh announced as Comedy Night headliner

Seann Walsh is to headline this year’s Comedy Night during Freshers week, making a return after his first performance at York in 2011

Crawling for Bars: Evil Eye

Watch your poison being constructed before you from a menu of tens and tens of drinks at Johnny Depp’s favourite bar. Agatha Torrance explains

Society in Focus: Central Hall Musical Society (CHMS)

Andy Bewley explains why you’ll want to get involved in CHMS’s 2014 production of Jesus Christ Superstar

Top 50 Twitter follows @UniOfYork

For info, for the latest scores, for unmatched satirical genius. The list of the top 50 Twitter follows at the University of York is here

A survivor’s guide to Freshers’ Week

So you’ve been promised the best week of your life. Now what?

First-years: ignore our advice

I worry when I see people in my own position giving advice about what’s important in your first year of university. With only a third of our time at university behind us, it’s difficult to even say whether it will have had that big an effect on our own university experience, let alone our whole life. And certainly not someone else’s

How To Keep Your Knickers On

Poppy Bullard reveals the definitive “keep well away” list of York fancy-dress nightmares

Society in Focus: DramaSoc

The latest in the series, Zoe Biles explains why you should be joining DramaSoc, who perform weekly plays in the Drama Barn

Freshers guide to becoming a BNOC

Alex Donaldson offers some tongue-in-cheek advice for anyone who fancies themselves as a future Big Name on Campus

York’s music scene

Alex Osborne shares some valuable tips for anyone looking to explore the city’s music scene

The fresher’s store cupboard

Lily Grant offers some helpful advice on stocking up your kitchen while you still can

Crawling for Bars: Stone Roses

Sofia Geraghty introduces Stone Roses, the retro home of cheap triples and alternative music

A brief history of the University

Yvonni-Stefania Efstathiou takes a look back at York’s 50 year history

Society in Focus: Christian Union

Renowned as one of the most active societies on campus, the University of York Christian Union is one of the many faith societies you can get involved in. George Barrett takes a look

Clubbing Guides: Duchess

Next up in our series of club profiles is The Duchess, a good (if sweaty) escape from the usual pop world of clubs according to Rosie Shields

Clubbing Guides: Ziggy’s

Mansion, better known to us all as Ziggy’s, is the first club to come under our freshers microscope. Ellie Rice provides the low-down on the sports clubs’ favourite haunt

The ins and outs of York’s collegiate system

George Wood shares his experience of York’s college system

York Nightlife: Crawling on a budget

Whether you’re aiming for the stage at Tokyo or the stairs of Willow, there are few better ways to get there than by snaking your way through York’s wonky streets tasting the best of York’s pub and night spots. Often thought of as an expensive option, this guide will allow you to enjoy those bars […]

University apologises over accommodation booking crash

The University has apologised after its accommodation application website crashed on Tuesday

The serious stuff: Looking after your health

University life places a whole new barrage of pressures on your body. James Ellis explores the dangers, and where you can get help

Fresher’s guide to York transport

Matthew Dowds makes sure you don’t restrict yourself to plain old walking (tiring) or speedy taxis (expensive) in your bid to explore what York’s got to offer

YUSU Bastard: Who to avoid in Freshers’

York’s resident troll YUSU Bastard turns his unconcerned eye to the worst of campus’s people to advance a warning to incoming Freshers

Bar Crawl to Food Haul: A campus directory

Campus has a lot to offer in terms of bar, cafes and shops. Harry Gallivan opens up the concrete jungle

Crawling for Bars: Lucia

Rachel Thompson pitches in with her pick of York’s bars, the hidden gem that is Lucia’s wine bar and grill

The Freshers’ Playlist

All great weeks in your life need a playlist, and Freshers’ Week is no different. Neil Johnston has trawled the collection to produce 20 tracks to set your week alight

Top five films for Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ Week isn’t all about alcohol fuelled madness. For those nights spent in your PJs, George Wood has put together his list of top films to get your flat together

Surviving Freshers’: Breaking the ice

You will meet loads of people in Freshers’ Week, but where do you start with someone you know nothing about? George Wood gives his tips for adjusting to your new social life and making friends

How to make cakes and alienate people

Your morning cuppa, vain attempts to catch the name of the flat recluse, and the knock-out smell of burning plastic. Helena Parker introduces you to the centre of your freshers world

Surviving Freshers’: Health and Beauty

Avoid freshers’ flu like the plague with this one-stop guide

Breaking boundaries: Getting beyond York

A new university and for many of you a new home. Whether Leeds’ clubbing culture or the countryside’s stately homes, Yorkshire has lots to offer just a short train ride away, as Rosalind Hayes finds out

Sports Clubs: An A to Z Guide

Thinking of joining a sports club at university? Here’s our A to Z guide of what York Sport has to offer

The serious stuff: Support options on campus

Going to university is an extremely exciting part of anyone’s life, but sometimes things do go wrong. Ellie Rice makes sure you know which way to turn, whether you’re being affected by homesickness, bullying or drugs

5 things the prospectus didn’t tell you…

Andrew Knowles trawls campus for those aspects the prospectus doesn’t mention, from brooding geese to

Crawling for Bars: Dusk

In the first of our series, Rosalind Hayes takes a look at cocktail favourite Dusk, top stop-off before Sunday night Revs, or any-night Willow

Society in Focus: Latin American Society

Latin American doc is active in campus as a centre of the regions dance, cinema and languages. Sorina Antonescu persuades you to get involved

Surviving Freshers’: A fashion crash course

Whether going out, chilling out or passing out, fashion editor India Block’s got your back, making sure you look swish whatever the weather

Five student recipes to kickstart your week

Cooking for yourself for the first time can be a daunting prospect. Hatti Linnell guides you through some easy ways to get of the culinary mark, without blowing your nightlife budget

What to Bring: The Ultimate Freshers Packing List

By the time you leave home you’ll be squeezing your duvet through the window, but whatever you pack, don’t leave this list of uni essentials behind. Fiona Parker and George Wood explain

Societies Guide: International and Culture

These societies offer a great opportunity to meet people from the same background, learn about others’ cultures and take part in more culturally linked activities such as arts, film and poetry

Societies Guide: Music

Music societies offer a great way to maintain your musical ability and follow a degree at the same time, or to just try out something new

Societies Guide: Political

Political societies offer a great chance to not only become involved with a particular party but also to practice your debating and campaigning skills

Societies Guide: Debating and Campaigns

Debating and Campaigns aim to make a difference on and off campus, tackling a range of issues such as human rights, refugees and the importance of literature

Societies Guide: Drama and Performance

Campus is a hubbub of performance, theatre, dance and comedy, with several shows put on every week. There’s really no excuse not to bring your inner actor/singer/dancer out

Societies Guide: Faith and Religion

Faith societies are a great way to meet people who share your beliefs and find out about places of worship around York

Societies Guide: Academic & Careers

Keep up with course mates, or go along with a friend and meet a whole new pool of friends, in societies that help you with careers choices as well as throwing parties to keep your university ‘education’ perfectly on track

Societies Guide: Media and Publishing

York is known for its award-winning publications, and whether it’s TV, radio or print media, York is punching well above its weight in national competitions

Societies Guide: Special Interest and Miscellaneous

This category really does cover everything. From Fetish Soc to Harry Potter Muggle Soc (not at the same time mind…) these societies are unlikely to leave you bored

Societies Guide: Games & Activities

From sports and board games, to baking and star gazing, this category is a hotchpotch of things to get you active while you’re at York

The serious stuff: Student finances explained

Organising your money is one of the most daunting prospects that awaits you as a fresher. Tom Witherow explains the ins and outs of loans, overdrafts, accommodation, and finding a job in York

Get involved in: RAG and Volunteering

You can get involved in running events and challenges to raise money for charity, or give up your team to a vast array of local projects. Bronwyn O’Neill gives a shout out for RAG and volunteering

Get Lost Fresher: A guide to York in the day

The town is one of the great attractions of the university, which is why losing yourself in the windy streets of medieval York is an absolute must. Alex Donaldson leads the way

York Nightlife: The Lowdown

York may be small, but in terms of nightlife it packs an almighty punch. Seasoned clubber Neil Johnston relives the highs and lows of a night out in York after dark

York Student Union: Meet the Sabbs

The students union (YUSU) represents students in matters academic, sporting and welfare, as well as running all the clubs and societies on campus. Fiona Parker meets the five full-time officers who make it happen

Welcome from the YUSU Disabilities Officer

Your college, the University and the student union (YUSU) all strive to make your transition to your new uni as smooth as possible. Thomas Ron explains where you can turn for help

Commuting from home: One second year’s experience

Rent prices make staying with Mum and Dad an attractive option but you might think you’ll be stuck off-campus without any friends. One Nouse writer reveals what it was like for her, commuting from Leeds

What about living off-campus?

Most people coming to York live in college, but if nothing grabs you or you’re unlucky enough to miss out on a room, then you might consider living off-campus. There are a range of options open, and although it may look horribly scary and daunting, you shouldn’t panic as with a few careful pointers you’ll […]

Society in Focus: The Norman Rea Gallery

With exhibitions every three weeks and the university art collection to look after the Norman Rea Gallery is the centre of campus art and curation. Lily Grant explains

Get involved in York Uni’s biggest and oldest society

We hope you enjoy the freshers’ guide – for our next step, we need you! From breaking news and opinion to fashion shoots and gig reviews, you can be part of the paper that came runner-up in last year’s national Guardian awards

The Nouse Sport Guide 2013

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with sport, at all levels, at York

The Nouse College Guide 2013

The collegiate system is a great part of York and one that has a big impact on your first year. Nouse brings you the lowdown on college spirit, sport, halls and the all important drinking facilities

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